Actually, EVERYTHING has already started!

Photo:  Alda Kļaviņa cup 2023 [Photo of Jānis Dziļums]

“The work done for common goals yields incomparably more fruits and provides greater satisfaction than doing it alone!” This is how the introduction to the information summary on the 2024 activities of the Latvian Canoe Association and the support of its members and athletes sounds.

The statement made during the Latvian Canoe Association (LKA) member presentation about working together not in vain introduces the “benefit” summary of the activities for the year 2024. These words carry deep symbolic and practical significance! No canoe slalom event could take place, and there would be no point to it if each of us didn’t want to experience the emotions provided by our beloved sport – canoe slalom. Of course, let’s not forget about this newcomer – extreme slalom – it’s right there, we all remember it well… and it promises to be no less exciting this year! Working and being together make this life interesting and full of joy, just like the experience of athletes on the course and the progress observed by parents and coaches over the years. After all, even the smallest apprentice understands that they are no longer so small and “helpless” and is ready to challenge a more experienced paddle master – and sometimes they really succeed! 😊

This sense of togetherness and action after the LKA’s summary of this year’s season (available via the link below) looks truly intriguing. There will be plenty of events during this season, starting from annual and traditional domestic competitions, ending with starts in international arenas, and of course, invitations to foreign athletes to “challenge our backyard”.

To demonstrate what one is capable of, our athletes will have the opportunity to compete in the ECA Junior Cup at the European level courses, as well as to strengthen their abilities significantly in the NordicCup series organized by the LKA. Moreover, we have learned not only that Finland will open this NordicCup season with the first two stages immediately after the summer solstice “chaos” at the end of June in Latvia but also that there will be a quite good prize fund in the junior competition this year. The LKA will also take care of its best performers in the year-end rankings – the season standings promise a nice reward not only for the best but also for the most diligent. Familiarize yourself with the LKA team selection rules, athlete and team rank regulations, and be ready to show the best in your arsenal – let’s do it together and may we succeed!

Here is the link to the LKA season benefits summary.


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