“I feel the power in every stroke, I'm in Olympic shape!”

Photo: Physical fitness tests, Ozolnieki. 2023 [Mārcis Laidiņš]

This slogan could be immortalized on the walls of the Ozolnieki sports hall and swimming pool, because the Ozolnieki club has been inviting the entire canoe slalom family for several years to determine the overall physical fitness (OPFL) level in annual tests - they deserve it!

The slogan “Feeling strength in every stroke, I’m in Olympic form!” must not be overlooked. I am convinced that thousands of people have used this phrase, but within the slalom circles, there is only one “father of the idea” – none other than the experienced and now legendary Gundars Patmalnieks. Thanks to him for this contribution!!! If any of the readers do not recognize the mentioned canoe slalom athlete, they should go stand in the corner and be ashamed! … then quickly go to the coach with questions – who, what, how, and why!? “If already – then already”… Gundars is also famous for another important fact in canoeing history – besides using the famous “stroke” slogan before heading to slalom training in the Liptiovsky Mikulas (Slovakia) slalom canal, he, as a “pioneer,” also initiated the takeover of the paddle in the convenient hand in the C1 boat class, in situations when it was necessary and perhaps even when it was not so necessary… However, World athletes have now borrowed this skill from Gundars, which was demonstrated as far back as the 90s. Therefore, all those who skeptically viewed Gundars’ actions at that time owe him a significant dose of apology for his innovative solution, without which the C1 boat class today is hardly imaginable. LCA expresses gratitude to Gundars and, of course, apologizes on behalf of all those athletes and ex-athletes who did not believe in Gundars’ solution… Anyway, we are the creators of our own happiness… where are all these skeptics now!? 😊

But now let’s return to the important matter and “strike the iron while it’s hot” – OPFL in Ozolnieki!!!

Everyone is warmly invited to show off their biceps (and more) in action. The competition will take place over two days – starting with the 50m swimming pool distance and team relay, and continuing with the EIROFIT test on the next day.

Attention! This time, the OPFL tests are organized in two separate competition formats – please take note of this. Below are the competition rules, and of course, we kindly ask you to register in advance so that the organizers can plan an effective competition schedule.


OPFL tests.

…and once again, ALL TOGETHER: ‘I feel strength in every stroke, I am in Olympic shape!’

Good luck with your tests!