The Valmiera Championship / Gauja Cup will open the season on the canoe slalom track Krāces.

The spring flood have receded and the spring rivers have been enjoyed, it's time to head to Valmiera - the canoe slalom track Krāces, where the joys of padling can be enjoyed throughout the year.

The slalom competition season will continue with the annual battles for the titles of Valmiera champions and the traveling Gauja cups. The city of Valmiera and the track owners – Valmiera Sports School, eagerly await guests from all Baltic countries and plan to prepare the track and gate combinations to test the participants’ abilities at the highest level.

The competition will start with qualification races, where participants will compete for a few spots in the final, and the youngest participants of the competition will compete for the titles of Valmiera champions in age groups. In the final – on a modified and slightly more complex track, the holders of the traveling Gauja cups for the next year will also be determined. The winners from the previous year – Elvis Fiļipovs (K1M), Elizabete Kurvina (K1W), Krišs Ozols (C1M), and Marie Peiker (C1W) would definitely like to retain their titles and trophies, but competitors are ready to fight tooth and nail. We anticipate that the battles will be thrilling, as in all races this year winners had bin determined by just a few seconds or even hundredths of a second.

Participants bear a high responsibility – they must fight not only for victory in these competitions but also for valuable overall points in club and individual rankings. Prizes are on display, and in these competitions, there will be close-up views, hands-on experiences, and definitely promote the heat of sporting competition.

Organizers continue to work tirelessly to prepare everything at the highest level, and supporters of the competition promise to delight participants with special surprises. We eagerly look forward to when the beautiful surroundings of the Valmiera canoe slalom track  Krāces will be filled with crowds, we will enjoy the joy of reunion and watch thrilling competition races performed by all athletes.

The regulations are available here